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would be ready with that, too. i would say boring. look at happened with the election last night. we did not solve the gridlock issue, so we will get the sequestration thing with the dramatic increase in tax on stocks. the president would say the speech was an olive branch to the other side. it's a new era. some might like to go over the cliff because such a jump would make cuts in what they might think is a blow to the defense budget raidsing taxes for wealthy people. now, even though that's an incredibly cynical interpretation of what's happening, i believe it would get the client's attention for sure. the twisted world that is washington spires a ton of hatred among everyone, particularly the wealthy. i think that would have softened the client up for what i regard as being a prudent reallocation of capital. not a fleeing of the market, please. i know that's how it's going to be interpreted on twitter. he said sell, sell, sell. no, not a fleeing of the market but a recommendation of some trims and tucks and recastings to stay diversified and protect gains. remember, a good broker has
are president obama, you believe the election is over and your campaign received a ringing endorsement. but if you are a republican, you have to believe that those republicans that do not want to rise above politics are banking on massive declines in spending to wreck the economy. if you are a republican, in permanent campaign mode, i'm sure one of your advisers is saying that going off the fiscal cliff might be the best thing in terms of the midterm election. worse, if you are a democrat, you might think the defense spending cuts could be coming and you might think that is good. there is a sense that those who want to stymie the president are going to be targeted by other politicians, business people, and yes, they will be targeted by us. you stand in the way of a deal, your principle is greater layoffs and lower standards of living and your principle is lower stock prices. the pressure of the business people putting on the government you get a deal spearheaded by our guest dave cote is greater than anything i have seen in our life and it is growing. that is why the optimism may not b
been trash. sell sell sell! got hammered more than any other when romney lost the election. it doesn't have a game plan for obamacare. i think it tuz and the stock could react positively. that's another trade besides petsmart and ross stories. the fiscal cliff is a serious probable but you can't allow yourself to become so pessimistic that you lose sight of all the opportunities out there or the fact that as weak as things seem. while we have an audience filled with veterans, let's start with a question that comes alile further away from home. take a look. >> hey, jim, sending you horned frog boo-yahs from kuwait. now i'm an army reservist and we're redeploying next year. i'm going back to my job in the defense industry. what do you think defense contractors are going to be like next year in the stock market? >> it's a great question. this is the group that hangs most in the balance by this issue called sequestration. it's the defense spending budget that will be cut so that means they have got to rely on dividend. lockheed martin has the best, safest yield. i say that would be the o
networks competing to call the election over there? anyway, yeah, china's better than you thought it was. yet many of our cyclical stocks that depend on china are still trading like the people's republic is going to have a really nasty, brutal, hard landing. based on what we're seeing, that is not in the cards which means the china oriented stocks deserve to go higher. forget the big picture for a second. you know i'm a bottom's up guy. i like to take my cue from individual companies. the companies with a lot of chinese business, they're saying the same thing. no one is listening. i'm listening. china stabilized. in september caterpillar slashed the guidance but the stock didn't go down because people were expecting the worst. they said that china should improve in 2013 versus 2012. no wonder cat failed to go down today after a heavy duty downgrade from jp morgan this morning. of course, the analysts had upgraded when it china was slowing, a totally botched call. so you know what i'm doing? i'm calling this poetic tractor justice. eaton, another big industrial reported the end of october
the pride of our elected leaders. what can i say? we deserve better. jack in ohio. jack. >> caller: hey, jimmy. with all the settlements going on, right? a long-term buy and hold. and the yield is going up. what do you think about bp? >> no. i'm going to send you a stock that has fallen precipitously and they'll change the tax law, i don't think they will. i'll send to you linco. they have been able to take advantage of the for sales of bp and this stock now yields 8%. lnco is the way to go. gary in indiana. >> caller: booyah too ya, "mad money" buddy. >> booyah to you. >> caller: last time i was on, i called about what i thought was the next starbuck. you didn't like it, and i grew not to like it either. i'm wondering since i sold short, is it too late to get back in to starbucks? >> it's too late. i thought this was brilliant. my reservation to tivana, i said let's go get to get some tea. teavana, doesn't serve tea. howard schultz is putting tea in. i think you should buy starbucks, charitable trust is doing it right now. making history every day. we may encounter the first congressal
listener, action alerts member. >> thank you. >> my question, so president obama being re-elected and the drug patent cliffs as backdrop themes, i know you're playing abbott lab and bristol-myers. >> yes, you read it from the trust, thank you. >> yep. i went after an old favorite which is down at the bottom, teva pharmaceuticals. i want your view on 2013. >> let me give you a weird good news about teva. they reported a quarter i didn't think was great and the stock didn't go down. i wanted this stock to bottom for some time. i was using one of their products the other day. they are the greatest generic. people are worried about the ms drug. i think the risk is taken out of the stock. i have to tell you, robert, i don't know about the worries. so you know i think it's inexpensive. i just don't have a catalyst. i'm sorry. let's go to john in texas. john? >> blue sky boo-yah, jim. >> i like that. i can use some blue skies. >> i know. no debt, big revenue growth. and a big new customer with walgreens. >> you know, we looked at greenway medical a couple years ago. i have not looked at
a 5% decline from the election when the fiscal cliff came to the fore, but an 8% decline from the highs which i think is more relevant. everything gets sold in this period because the unknown is so murky many people can't take the pain. i remember in the summer of last year flying off to the bakken shale in north dakota at the height of the debt ceiling crisis and a woman sitting next to me asked if she would get her social security check if congress didn't come to an agreement. certainly our tax rates are going higher to 2013. our meaning everybody's unless something's done. but this time we're still going to get social security checks. and i could argue that in the gradations of financial armageddon the fiscal cliff is a qulers potential worry than that financial armageddon because you're going to -- no one thinks their social security checks aren't going to come. second when the clock was ticking last year the universal fear was that the u.s. debt would be downgraded. you know the moody's and s&p thing. talk about a friengt unknown. i remember be at eagles training cam np l
recession, the dow down over 4 hundr00 points since the election. and why are liberals trying to legalize pot? is this really what this country needs? the kudlow report is moments away. >> it's not all done in foul weather. after the
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)